Inquiry for Electric Pallet Stacker from Trinidad and Tobago

Keyword:Electric Pallet Stacker   Time:2021-2-2 10:08:06

Customer: Hello I am interested in an electric hoist like this. The pallets space is 27" wide that the forks have to go into, to pick up. Can you advise me the cost and if these units or any other unit is narrow and ideal. Thank you

RAMHOIST:  2550 USD/unit

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Customer: Can you advise me on the manual pallet stacker? It is to lift pallets with the same 27" internal dimensions.
Do you have dimensions of both the manual and the electrical stackers? What is the length of the forks as well?
What is the lifting speed of the manual stacker?

RAMHOIST:  2T manual pallet stacker: 350 USD
yes, pls check below

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Customer: The manual stacker is too slow for us. Looks like a good product but would definitely slow down our efficiency.
The electric option that you sent me for 2550 would be able to go into pallets with maximum 27" width?
Do you have adjustments to provide the forks to be 48" in length?

RAMHOIST: yes, no problem

Customer: Can you email me an official quotation for the semi electric pallet stacker.
The most important things is that the fixed wheels (outside to outside) has to be less than 27"
The forks has to be 48" Length
The ideal weight is 1000kg
Also regarding the manual pallet stacker can you provide me with a quote. I am thinking to get 1 of each is the budget is okay
For the manual unit, same things -
the fixed wheels (outside to outside) has to be less than 27"
The forks has to be 48" Length
The ideal weight is 1000kg

1T*1.6m semi electric pallet stacker: 900 US $
1T*1.6m electric pallet stacker: 1800 US $
1T*1.6m manual pallet stacker: 270 US $

Customer: Do you have any of the units with the same features that I am looking (narrow wheels to fit 27" pallet x48" forks) for that go a bit higher than 1.6M? It can be more lifting capacity, maybe 1500kg-2000kg.
Please advise and the cost as well.
Also how close are you all to Ningbo?

RAMHOIST: Electric pallet stacker 2T* 2.5m: 2800 USD
500KM far away from ningbo, need 150 USD for sending to ningbo port (inland cost+warehousing cost)

Customer: I am looking for a semi electric pallet stacker because the space that we are working with is not large and the shelving is close together.
Do you have any semi electric with these capabilities?


Customer: I saw the cost but we decided to go a different direction.
Thank you for your help. 

RAMHOIST: i am puzzled by what you mean 

Customer: Just saying not buying again.