Vacuum Tube Lifters for 40kg MDF Board from Thailand

Keyword:40kg MDF Board   Time:2021-4-5 22:46:23

Customer: We have the new project for vacuum lifting (MDF Board). See attached photos here for your reference.  The dimension of MDF board is W1220mm x L2440mm x thk.16mm and the weight per piece is 40kgs.  
The steps for how to lift MDF board:-
1.       To lift it by 1 pc. per time from left to right.
2.       The height of the left stackable for MDF board is approx. 880mm (55 pcs.) and the right one is 480mm.(30 pcs.)
Kindly offer your best price and delivery time for the following details soon.
1.       The whole set of vacuum lifting by separating price for each part x 1 set
2.       Please also offer the preventive maintenance part per year too
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

We have the new project for vacuum lifting (MDF Board)..jpg


Price: Standard lifter                                           USD 4,450.00  
        Standard jib crane                                       USD 2,300.00
Technical details:
Recommended spare parts of Vacuum tube lifter:

Customer: Thanks for your offer.  What is the meaning of standard lifter and standard jib crane?  Can you show me the picture of each part?  So that we can understand the same things.
Moreover, could you please send me more information as followings?
1.       Clip video for how to work as much as you can
2.       Photos of your project & customer references
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


red circled is standard jib crane, remaining is standard lifter.jpg

In the red circled, it is standard jib crane, some customer make this by themselves and do not need this.
The other part which not in the red circled is standard lifter.
Standard jib crane is 3.8m total height, net height from rail to ground 3M , arm length 3M
Standard vacuum lifter is based on panels dimensions 2440*1220mm, the suction frame dimensions is 1500*600mm, 4 of cups, standard lifting height 1700mm
We have lot customers in China, for example, Huizhou Mingjin wooden Ltd, OuKane furniture Co.,Ltd
you can check the video in this link, it is for customer Line to Line in Canada: