RFQ Georgetown, Guyana, S.A. -1600 Feet ¾” (0.75 in, 20mm) STEEL CHAIN + 520 EA. STEEL HOOKS, ONE-INCH EYE

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Mr. Yang,Kindly quote cif Georgetown, Guyana, SA (state insurance and freight separately) on the following stating the weight, cube and earliest delivery date. These items are for a tender and we require a validity date of 90 Days from October 6, 2022. Include material and performance specifications. 

1600 Feet ¾” (0.75 in, 20mm) STEEL CHAIN –

Electrically welded self colour long link 3/4" dia x 3 31/32" x 1 1/8" approx. Inside measurement (19 mm dia x 100 mm pitch x 28.0mm inside).  Minimum breaking load 45 m/tonnes. Grade 80 high strength alloy steel chain required for heavy duty towing and drag-lines requiring high strength and wear resistant. Chain is heat treated and has a standard finish work load limits are at room temperature. For use in temperature not greater than 350 deg.F. Actual material dia - 0.750". Normal inside link size: width - 0.97" length - 2.02" work load limit - 28, 300 lbs weigth - 5.40 lbs/ft


Hardened Steel - hooks for cane punt 1" eye. ASTM A36 steel or equivalent standard as per drawing (attached as Appendix A).  Overall 9" (229 mm) long X 6 1/4" (159 mm) wide.  Working load = 12,500 lbs

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Punt Hooks-Drg..pdf


G80 chain, black, 19*100*28: 14 USD/m * 488m = 6832 USD

FOB ningbo port

1ton in one carton


Total weight: 3T, Total volume: 3 CBM