20t-50t Air Hydraulic Bottle Long RAM Jack

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Product Description
 This air/hydraulic bottle jack lifts a 24,000 lbs. weight easily in tight spaces. It is great for heavy industrial lifting and truck repair, the air-over-hydraulic jack lifts or pushes heavy weight in horizontal and vertical positions, which is made of rugged steel and durable cast iron base that handles heavy loads with ease.

  • Precision machined steel ram

  • Rugged hard cast iron base for Increased Strength and Stability.

  • Twist top for additional height

  • Safety spring ram retention

  • Durable baked paint rust free finish

  • Both vertical and horizontal positions operation are available.

  • 2-Piece Handle Provides Maximum Results with Minimal Effort.

  • Heavy duty saddle for secure lifts. Heat-treated, large diameter extension screw extends range and allows easy height adjustment.

  • High tonner models have carrying handle.

  • This jack is ideal for automotive, truck, farm, industrial and construction work. 


1.  This bottle jack lifts 6 ton loads easily in tight spaces.

2.  Great for heavy lifting and auto repair, the jack lifts up or pushes heavy weight in horizontal and vertical positions.

3.  Made of rugged steel and certified to meet CE, GS for quality assurance.

4.  Ideal for auto, truck service, farm and shop use

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The general consensus on air jack is that it is a high-quality product that is very reasonably priced. The pump action provides very little resistance and is easy to use.

Air jack is a good quality option that includes a 4-foot air hose. Its users like that it is great at lifting loads with relative ease, but also note that it is very noisy.

It's about 11 inches tall, steel constructed and electronically controlled, has a head screw which turns up over 3 inches, and has a maximum lift height of roughly 20 inches. This air jack is a solid option if you are looking for an efficient hydraulic air jack.

A few customers reported fluid leaks within a short while of use and some others reported air leakages.

Some users stated that it stopped functioning after limited use, while others report having used it consistently for long periods of time with no troubles. Several consumers claim that the product did not work out of the package and were forced to get a refund. A bit hit and miss, apparently.