4ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack for Repair Car with High Quality

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 Hydraulic Bottle Jack is also called Vehicle Repair Jack
 The Usage is Lifting, especially suitable for repairing vehicles.

Features and advantages: 

 1. Excellent performance.

 2. Good and stable quality.

 3. Various capacity and lifting height to meet your needs.

 4. Standard export  package.

 5. Our professional enginnering and technical personnel can make the best handling solution for you according to your specific usage and installation requirements.

 6. 12 months warranty and best sales service.

Standard Bottle Jacks

 These labor-saving jack made in china can lift heavy loads with the smallest of hand operating forces.

 These are a standard type of jack used throughout the world for vehicles, construction and industrial machinery, etc.

 They are widely used in construction machinery, civil engineering work and as onboard vehicle jacks.

 They are also widely used in disaster prevention machinery, earthquake reconstruction, and for rental-lease equipment.

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 Detailed images:

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Our Services

 1. Our bottle jacks are of high-quality standards and always come with the certificate of compliance by the manufacturers. There is strict quality control for each of our jacks.

 2. We treasure and try to understand all the different needs of our clients and seek to forge a long-term professional relationship with them. The satisfaction of each and every customer is our main goal and motivation in conducting our business.

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