5ton Long RAM Car Hydraulic Low Height Floor Jack

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 First, this jack is heavy. It's is not a problem if you're rolling it around on a garage floor or paved driveway. If you'll be picking it up and carrying it around this is probably not the jack for you. 85 pounds is a lot unless you're in great shape.
 Second, the instructions leave a lot to be desired, especially if you're not too familiar with floor jacks. Here are some tips:
 A. on the underside of the handle fork (the piece into which you slide the handle) there's a 9/16" bolt. That bolt is connected to a rod that I presume is to hold the handle fork in place during shipping. It must be removed carefully - the bolt, its lock washer and the rod will fly off when you release the tension.
 B. That same bolt holds the handle in place, without the rod, when you roll it around. Insert the handle into the handle fork and screw the bolt back in. It was a little short with the lock washer in place, so I discarded the washer. The bolt fits into a groove on the end of the handle and keeps it from pulling out. Note that the handle will store in the fully upright position when not in use.
 C. The handle is in two pieces, and is held together with two allen screws with lock washers. A 5/32 allen wrench fits them.
 D. The instructions tell you to expel any pressurized air before first use and verify the oil level. As part of this process you need to remove the oil filler plug. The instructions just say it's on top of the hydraulic reservoir. To find it you need to remove the small tray that's in front of the handle fork. The plug is rubber and painted the same red color as the jack. It looks like a round bump on the reservoir. Pry it up and off with your fingernail or a small flat blade screwdriver, and clean away any small paint chips - you don't want them in your oil Then follow the instructions. Reinserting the plug can be tricky. A small flat blade screwdriver will help.

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