2.5 Ton Low Profile Hydraulic Mechanic Floor Jack for Car

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Product Description
 •  Light weight.
 • Easy to carry and maneuver.
 • Safety bypass system prevents from damage.
 • Automatic overload protection system.
 • Swivel rear casters provide easy maneuverability of jack.
 • Universal joint release mechanism.
 • Ideal lift tool for repairing and maintaining vehicle.
 • Dual pistons make the jack lift quickly.
 This perfect 2-Ton Hydraulic Trolley Jack is a smart choice for anyone who likes to be prepared. It helps you get your car or truck up and out of the way, so you can change your tire easily and efficiently. This car trolley jack features a 2-ton capacity and has the power to lift your vehicle up to 13". It showcases over-pump bypass protection, a twist valve  release and an easy-carry handle. 

 Great floor jack for trucks and SUV's
 Extra long neck saves time and makes it easier to lift higher vehicles.
 Lift range is 6 Inch to 21 Inch(125mm to 500mm)
 5 ton capacity. Heavy-duty floor jack with an extra-long neck
 360-degree swivel casters for easy mobility.

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Detailed Introduction of floor jacks
 A jack (also known as a jackscrew or a screw jack) is what you'd refer to as a mechanical device and it is used to lift heavy stuff (like vehicles). It can also be used when a great amount of force needs to be applied to something. Of the different types of jacks (examples are mechanical jacks and hydraulic jacks), a floor jack is probably the most common.
 A floor jack can also be addressed as a garage jack or a car jack. You have definitely seen it before if you're reading this review. But just for record's sake, it is used to lift vehicles when maintenance work or routine checks need to be performed on a vehicle.
 Although a compact device, a floor jack conveniently lifts a wide range of vehicles from cars to trucks in a few steps. The jack comes with a hydraulic system which helps to lift a corner of the vehicle from the ground, thereby offering you access to all the hitherto hard-to-reach parts of the vehicle in a safe and convenient manner.
 Usually, when you talk about a jack, you refer to it by its rated maximum lift capacity. That's where you see stuff like a 1.5-ton floor jack or a 3-ton floor jack, or even a 3.5-ton floor jack. It depends on what you're in the market for.
 Today, however, we are only going to be focusing on 3-ton floor jacks in our reviews. But even at that though, our guide will still be of great help to you in making an informed choice of a floor jack whatever the capacity, so don't stop reading.