2 Ton Low Lift Transmission Floor Jack for Automotive

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Product Name

     Floor Jack


     Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel




      Red or Customized


      B: Full color box
      C: Heavy Duty Blow Case


      With high quality steel, powerful jacks make big loads.
      Low profile design is perfect for "close quarters" lifting.
      Safely overload system to prevent use beyond.
      360°swivel saddle pad and universal wheels provide easy maneuvering and positioning.

Delivery Time

     30-45 days after receiving your advance payment

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 (1).  Ideal for car & truck repair and tire change and garage use.
 (2).  Meet or exceed ANSI/CE requirements.
 (3).  Bypass device protects against over-pumping for safer operation.
 (4).  Built-in safety valve provides overload protection.
 (5).  Heavy-duty steel construction provides long term durability
 (6).  Large steel caster and swivel casters for easy maneuverability
 (7).  Light weight for easy mobility and transport.
 (8).  All welded steel frame construction with cast iron support arms with rust resistant finish for long tool life.

Detailed Images

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Our Service
 1. OEM Manufacturing welcome: Product, Package...
 2. We could supply sample, freight charge collect
 3. We will reply you for your inquiry in 24 hours.
 4. After sending, we will track the floor jacks for you once every two days, until you get the products. When you get the goods, test them, and give me a feedback. If you have any questions about the problem, contact RAMHOIST immediately.

 How to properly use a floor jack
 For ease and safety sake, you should, ideally, work only on a surface that is even and flat. Make sure that your vehicle is in the park and that your emergency brake is set.
 Don't just place your jack anywhere under the vehicle, check out what the manufacturers say about using a jack and where it's safest to place a jack under your vehicle. Then place two safety jack stands and don't forget to lubricate them with some engine oil if you have to.
 Now place the jack under the vehicle in the safe position as you have learned from the manual and ensure that you double-check the position before you set your vehicle on the jack stands. Then the valve on the jack should be turned and the handle pumped till the jack's pads meet each other and begin to lift the vehicle gently.
 Once your vehicle is lifted, you now want to push those safety jacks stands apart. Let them be as far as practically possible. Then you can allow the vehicle get lowered to those stands and begin your vehicle's maintenance.
 To make the vehicle descend, turn the valve, but now counterclockwise. Ensure you do it slowly and steadily so that your vehicle does not descend with a bang (and go kaput with a bang too, if we might add).