Factory Directly Sell High Quality Small Flooring Car Jacks

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Product Description of China Floor Jacks:

  • It is easy to operate by using chromed crank with speed handle.

  • The Tooth gears ensure straight-line vertical extension/retraction of scissor arms.

  • It is rust resistant, heavy duty steel jacks extending from approximately 90mm(close position) to 325mm.

  • Big Lifting capacity for each jack

  • GS and TUV approved


  1.Light weigh for easy mobility and transport.

  2.Large steel casters and swivel casters for each maneuverability.

  3. All welded steel frame construction with rust resistant finish for longer tool life.

Floor Jack is designed for car and light truck.

 · Made of Aluminum or steel, light yet enough tough

 · Quick lift without load

 · Removable, easily store

 · Provide quick and effortless lifts for rated capacity

 · Dual parallel pump system

 · New style design for attracting customers


Drawingof China Floor Jacks

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Detailed Images:

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Types of Floor Jacks
The popular types of floor jacks you will find around are the hydraulic floor jack, the bottle jack and the scissor jack.

Hydraulic Floor Jack is the commonest type of jack and the one you probably saw at your mechanic workshop the last time you went there. Its convenience is an endearing factor and that's why most users opt for it. It is also known as the trolley jack because it comes with wheels, a case to house the hydraulic cylinder and, of course, a trolley. It usually comes with a lever, which when pumped, lifts the vehicle. It's the easiest jack to use and only requires very little effort to leverage a vehicle to the height of your preference. Hydraulic jacks usually come with a very high lift range and their wheels give them stability on the ground as they support your vehicle. On the downside though, they are usually a bit heavy and expensive.

Bottle Jack (or Piston Jack) works pretty much the same way as the hydraulic jack but comes with the added advantage of being more compact. With its small footprint, a bottle jack remains stable even on rough surfaces. The only challenge with bottle jacks is that they can't be used on lowered or even average height vehicles because they have extreme free height. So you find  them mostly being used for lifting trucks and the likes.

Scissor Jack: Most factory jacks are scissor jacks. Because they have small size, take up very little space and when in need of a quick tire change, you will find it is simple to use. But because of their compactness, they can only lift so much and so high too. And even at that, they require you to put in a whole lot of effort just to get them to lift. Scissor jacks are not heavy duty jacks at all and are best for only simple tasks such as replacing a flat.