2ton Automatic Car Hydraulic Floor Jack & Horizontal Lifting Trolley Jacks

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Key Features:
 This professional 3.5ton Ton service floor jack is built for tough, 3T CE certified
 daily use in garages and industrial workshops. 
 1.It's heavy duty and quick lifting with flexible gear type screw valve.
 2.Polished chrome cylinder rams and high quality seals provides long life
 without oil leaking.
 3.RAMHOIST welding rack for durability and dependability.
 4.Max height 500mm is high enough for most cars.
 5.Heavy duty saddle with anti-skit rubber pad (optional)for stability and safety.
 6.Two handles that can be connected quickly with ball connection system, 
 7.Swivel castors for convenience ,wide front wheel for stability.

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• Jacks packed carefully in cardboard color  box(or blow case if model shown in picture)
• Top foam as protection
• Take jack out slowly and carefully 
• Operate jack as user's manual

• Bypass device prevents over pumping 
• Built-in internal safety valve ensures extra safety 
• Swivel saddle and rear caster for easy positioning 
• Rolled side frames add strength and rigidity to reduce twisting
• Heavy-duty steel construction 
• Meets ANSI, GS and CE certification.

 1.Floor car jack has a lifting range of 133-380mm.
 2.Floor car jack is ideal to put in the boot of a car, van or trailer.
 3.Floor car jack can be carried round as a replacement or substitute for the wind up jacks
 4.Floor car jack is supplied with one piece handle and two rolling wheels for easy manoeuvrability.
 5.Floor car jack is perfect for virtually all makes and models of cars, vans as well as commercial vehicles.
 Product Description
 Hydraulic Floor jack designed for residential and commercial use; Wide, rugged base adds stability and strength
 Features a lifting range of 2-3ton capacity; The jack's body is made of quality steel and sprayed anti-rust paint, make a longer tool life.
 Large steel casters and swivel casters for stability and easy maneuverablity; Hydraulic system equipped with anti-wear hydraulic oil, oil stability, good antioxidant performance
 Fast hydraulic lift, great for auto, SUV, truck service, farm, and shop use
 Meets CE, TUV/GS safety standards and includes a limited 1 year manufacturer warranty

Detailed images:

 1. jacks packed carefully in cardboard color box(or blow case if model shown in picture)
 2. top foam as protection
 3.take jack out slowly and carefully 
 4.operate jack as user's manual

Our Services
 1.  We have professional technical team focus on developing and quality assurance.
  2.  We do strict quality inspection before shipment.
  3.  Our jack warranty is 1 year.
  4.  With years' experience, we have superior product line.

How to use a Floor Jack

 Before lifting a vehicle with a floor jack, there are a couple of things you must  note, for your safety and that of your vehicle. Because if you're going to be  under a car that is suspended in the air, whether or not car mechanics swear by that particular model of a floor jack, you must simply be careful. Our instinctual fear teaches us that much, at least.
 In the first place, make sure you're correctly dressed for the occasion. It's not "doing too much" to put on your coveralls, hand protection, footwear  (steel-toed), and safety glasses. This will keep you well covered against anything that could happen.
 The next thing you want to do before you actually start lifting is to ensure that your floor jack and its stands are in a good shape for the job you're about to put  on it. Do NOT lift anything that is beyond the rated capacity of your jack. Yes, there's the mercy of safety valves that many floor jacks come with these days, but can we not tempt fate, please?
 If your vehicle is loaded at the time, make sure you factor this into the weight of your vehicle before using a jack. Do NOT attempt to use other materials like  bricks or blocks to help support the vehicle while you work. This is potentially dangerous. Only use a car jack and make sure it matches with the stands.