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Mechanical steel jack
 The mechanical steel jack is one of the best lift tools used in repairing and supporting which is designed by mechanical transmission principle. The lifting or lowering speed is controllable. besides, it overcomes the shortcoming of the common hydraulic jacks whose lowering height and speed is out of control when oil leaking. 

 The motorized screw jack bar is turned until the jack is raised to the level needed. To lower the motorized screw jack the bar is turned in the opposite direction. An automatic screw jack has gears inside the hydraulic screw jack that are connected to the screw. Theses gears are connected by other gears and bars that are turned by a power source to raise  and lower the jack.

 The top-quality all steel structure makes it safe and durable. The compact design with collapsible lever offers easy operation and simple maintenance. It has two applicable supports stands. The lifting range is much higher.

  1. Capacity: 1.5T-20T

     2. Usage: lifting goods

     3. Operates manually or with air.

     4. Reasonable structure, easy operation, safe and reliable use.

     5. Small dimension, large carrying capacity, high-pressure resistance performance.

     6. Designed for fast lifting and convenient servicing of vehicles.

     7. Safety overload system prevents jack from being used beyond its rated capacity.

     8. High quality with competitive price

     9. Got CE certificate

Our Services 

 Reliable, efficient and safe lifting equipment.  

 Customized solutions.

 Intelligent crane design software.

 Plenty of spare parts.

 Installation and Assembly & Test Running.

 Professional training.

 Analysis and Suggestions.

 High quality packaging.

 The experienced team of engineers.


Our Advantages of mechanical steel jack:

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 Details of mechanical steel jack 

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 We have 4 set full autoamtic machine production line and 5 people techinical engineer(work on liftting tools more than 25 years)  Also design and provide special jacks.

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