3 Ton Rack Mechanical Pinion Jack Hoists, Non-Slip Recessed Top

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Product Description
 RAMHOIST handle-type mechanical jack of 1.5t, 3t, 5t, 10t,16t, 20t are pioneering products at home and are replacement of conventional hydraulic jacks, which are good for repairing the vehicles and lifting the tracks.These type of china jacks are strong in construction with high safety factor, easy to use and very popular with the industrial and mining enterprises.
Lever-Rack Mechanical Jack
 1. Capacity:1.5t-20t for your choice.

 2. Good quality steel structure, high stability and long uselife.

 3. Designed for lifting the tracks during repairing the vehicles.

 4. Conform to DIN7355 and ASME B30.1-2004.

Detailed Images for blue type Mechanical Jacks

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Detailed Images for yellow type Mechanical Jacks

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