0.25t to 25t Rack and Pinion Jacks/Gear&Rack Mechanical Jack

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Product Description
 1. It is developed in accordance with the latest safety regulations. With milled rack, geared wheels and tempered parts of driving gear.
 2. In accordance with DIN 7355(type HVS).
 3. Suitable for lifting loads of any type.
 4. With lifting body.
 5. Safety crank with folding handle.
 6. Lifting either with fixed toe or on clawed head.
 7. All  construction components standardized.
 8. Low  expenditure of force through optimal ratio.
 1. Top quality steel structure makes high safety and durability.
 2. All Jacks are tested with 125% overload.
 3. Equipped with fixed claw.
 4. Collapsible handle for easy storage, operation and maintenance.
 5. Fast lift speed makes it work more efficiently.
 6. According to DIN 7355 standard.

RAMHOIST Mechanical Steel Jack is a range of mechanical racks and pinion jacks, which  are used to brace, lift, press or support loads. Mechanical steel jacks can be  used to lift many kinds of loads in maintenance and repair, ship building, construction  as well as railway. The integrated carrying handle makes it a portable and versatile tool.
The load can be positioned either on the head or the claw, and by operating the lever jack, the shaft moves up and down on the rack. The steel housing ensures a long service life, even in continuous use.

Mechanical steel jacks features:
 .  Fixed Claw.
 .  Handles for easy transportation.
 .  Loading on head or claw.
 .  Stable with large base plate.
 .  Double pawl brake system, makes jacks quick braking, safe and reliable.
 .  Sturdy structure, light weight and quick lift performance, high quality material CRS plate, carburized alloy steel gears.
 .  For industrial use.
 .  Powder coated with blue, red or as request

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