2019 Hot Sell 1ton 5ton Mini Mechanical Manual Lifting Jack

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Product  Description
 RAMHOIST Mechanical Jack  is an array of rack and pinion jacks that is constructed in a sturdy steel  framework. These mechanical equipment can accommodate load capacities of 1 t, 3  t, 5 t and 10 t. They exhibit versatile functionality as they can be used  vertically and horizontally. Through the use of crank with foldable handle, it  can lift and lower loads with optimum load capacity on the head or toe. In  addition, it integrates a safety system with dual catches.

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  The Rack Jack is supplied by RAMHOIST, and is a manual lifting  in accordance to DIN and factory standard with lifting housing and fixed claw.  There is a spur wheel gear constructed from high-grade tempered steel that has  long service life. The unit has load that equipped at claw or top of its  housing.

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