Mechanical Trapezoidal Screw Jacks of Good Performance and Low Value

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 The mechanical jack is used to lift and move the equipment, so it makes a big difference in raising work efficiency and relieve the labor force. It has a  good design and simply to operate. It is widely used in factory, warehouse, wharf and railway. It can be used vertically as well as different angles, replacing the formal products.
 These jacks have many applications that include moving platforms on stages, changing settings on woodworking machinery, and adjustments of radio telescopes. Other applications also involve the use of mechanical jacks and they provide some advantage over hydraulic systems.
 Mechanical systems are normally self-locking. This means that when power is removed from the jack, the screw remains in the same position until power is reapplied. Self-locking properties make these jacks safer to use than hydraulic units, since operators need not worry about loss of power.
 Drawbacks of a mechanical system include the fact that they are not capable of lifting the same loads as hydraulic lifts. Additionally, levers that provide mechanical advantage for manual operations can only reach a certain length before bending and becoming useless.

  1, Suitable for lifting any kinds of loads
  2, Low expenditure of force through optimal  ratio
  3, For a variety lifting points
  4, Lifting claw can be adjusted on 6 positions
  5, Lift completely usable
  6, Large base plate
 All jacks are tested with 25% overload
 Equipped with fixed claw
 Folding handle

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