Diesel Engine Mobile or Trailer Articulating Aerial Working Boom Lift

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Atrium lifts made in china are extremely light for their reach. They tend to weigh about 5,000 pounds, which makes it possible to use them on second stories or in areas where there are weight concerns.

Most atrium lifts have a Z- or S-type articulated knuckle boom. Expect vertical reaches of 50 to 70 feet, and horizontal outreaches of up to 40 feet. The articulated boom means that the personnel bucket reaches a full 360 degrees.

Because of their very narrow base, most atrium lifts have outriggers to stabilize the base. This means that the actual footprint of the lift while it's in use is much bigger than the stowed width. However, the narrow stowed width will allow you to navigate an atrium lift through a standard door before setting it up. If you're considering renting an atrium lift, make sure that the project area can accommodate these outriggers.

Best for:

  • outdoor use

  • Compact spaces

  • Light construction

  • Maintenance

Height:15 to 50 feet

Size:2 to 3 feet wide

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