16m Aerial Platform Truck Mobile Articulated Man Boom Lift

Keyword:Articulating Boom Lifts   Time:2019-4-20 18:30:14

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  Self-propelled articulated boom lift
 1. It is a self-propelled articulated boom lift.
 2. It can realize the lifting upwards, onwards, etc.
 3. The two-wheel and four-wheel driving mode, diesel, electric motor, double  power sources, etc. are optional.
 4. The working height ranges from 12m to 26m.
 5. The horizontal reach of the self-propelled articulated boom lift ranges from 7m to 13.3m.

Vehicle mounted boom lift is designed in the concept of solidity and durability and good performance to provide a safe and reliable aerial work platform for customers. It applies to even very tough conditions. The vehicle can travel by itself flexibly during aerial operation. It is large in operation range, high in efficiency, powerful in driving force and large in load capacity. Meanwhile, it can hold 2-3 operators and working devices. The maximal grade ability can be up to 40%, so it can be parked and restarted on such slope without down sliding.

Brief Introduction 
 A. Crank arm type high-altitude lifters are sorted to trail type, self-propelled type and vehicle-mounted type;
 B. With 360 degrees rotating arm, it can overcome many obstacles;
 C. Provide with emergency lowering device, prevent sudden blackouts;
 D. Provide with overload safety device and anti-hydraulic pipeline burst device;
 E. With 4 full-automatic hydraulic outriggers to steady the whole machine at any kind of ground conditions;
 F. Widely used in highway, wharf, shopping malls, sports  venues and workshops in operation;
 G. It is simple and convenient to operate.

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