Best Selling Self Propelled Hoist Crane Articulated Boom Lift with Ce

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 Product Description
 Mobile articulated folding boom lift
 It can be drove as a car. One worker drives the truck to cooperate another worker on platform for aerial clean or maintain. Diesel and battery power as choose, which suitable for outdoor and indoor work.

Folding boom lift can be controlled both in ground and platform. Ladder easy to access to platform, durable pneumatic wheels, and hydraulic stable outrigger, you can drive this boom lift to work for a short distance. This boom makes the work range more wide than normal man lift.
Support Legs
 Adopting 4 automatic hydraulic outriggers to balancing the lift machine at any kind of ground conditions. When on uneven road surface, just one leg can support the machine.
Hydraulic cylinder
 Original import or domestic joint venture hydraulic cylinder, with high quality, improving the reliability and prolonging the work time.
Double telescopic boom (≥24m)
 Double telescopic booms make better shape, cables and hoses inside the boom section are well protected from damage.