Five Position 11 Feet Drywall Panel Lift with Handle

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 This model is with extra handle and  holes. It helps the people that need put the drywall on different position. There is a pin to fix the position and keep the product stable when it is working. 
 panel and drywall lift hold up to 150lbs
 hoist with tilting action
 allows one person to handle and apply multiple drywall panels up to 4*16ft
 Mini height:4"
 Max height:11ft
 using one 6ft extension bar : max height: 4.7M
 we can offer you the reasonable price, also can do some adjust as your request.

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 Detailed Description
 This item is very quickly assembled (about 30 seconds) by only one person, without any tool. It can support up to 68Kg and can raise any panels up to 11.5 Feet height (3.5 meters).
 Moreover, the panels can be installed flat or inclined. Also, the arms can be adjusted to the large of your panels. The maximum large of the arms is 2.9m (about 9.5 feet), but your panels can be much more large!
 Technical Description of Item:
 Raw Material: Steel
 Working height from 1400 to 3500mm (4.5 - 11.5 feet)
 Arms width up to 2900mm (9.5  feet)
 3 directional Wheels
 Automatic brake
 Crack mechanism
 Max weight admitted: 68kg
 Weight: +- 40kg
 Dimensions in use: 140*140*140CM


Detailed images 

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Packaging  & Shipping

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1. Are you a trader or manufacturer?
   We are experienced, licensed manufacturer. We may offer low price and more direct service.
 2. Warranty?
   Main structure and machinery warranty for 12 months after delivery  port.
 3. How to deliver?
   Based on the destination, it can transport by ship, by truck, or by railway, etc. By ship, our product is designed to fit in 40'HQ container or 20' GP container, which saves shipping cost.
 4. Do you accept OEM or ODM?

 5. How do we do installation? Can you send technician for assistance?
 Operation manual and foundation drawing will teach you step-by-step. You may employ local engineering team or use your own team. Also, we can arrange technician to instruct installation, and to train your workers how to maintain.
 6. If we want to be your agent?
 Agent, distributor, dealer, and sole agent, is highly wanted. We need local people to develop market for us, especially those with experienced after-sales service team. We will offer competitive agent price, market promotion support, technical support, and staff training. The number of agent is limited in certain area, so as to protect your interest.