Auto Mobile Steel Coil Mold Tilter Upender Turn-Over Machine

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Product introduction of coil tilter
 Coil tilter is used to overturn large sheet pile material, it is the necessary auxiliary equipment of automated stamping line, which can reduce the sheet surface scratch, improve product quality, and reduce the labor intensity of operators and improve the production efficiency.

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Scope of application
 Coil tilter is applicable to the aluminum coil, metallurgical industry of steel belt, steel coil, copper strip and copper coil, as well as the industries of mould, paper making, refrigeration, wire plate and barrel material.

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 Performance characteristics
 1.  Unique double-row chain drive, bevel gear - worm gear reducer;
 2.  Four support wheel machine, outsourcing polyurethane;
 3.  Variable frequency multi-stage speed control, smooth and fast;
 4.  External console, remote operation;
 5.  Multiple limits to ensure safety;
 6.  Stop the machine at will and lock the rotating body in situ.
 7. Can be customized according to client requirements

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