Coil Processing Upender and Coil Lifter/Mechanical Upender with Sliding Table/5t

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Motor steel coil tilter
     This kind of coil tilter mainly used in steel coil vertical – horizontal tilt drive by a motor.
     Compact unit electrical operated, drive by geared motor and high-alloy special chain.
     For 90 degree rotation of coils, wire bundles, paper rolls etc.
     The unit consists of the self-supporting frame absorbing all dynamic forces(i. e. No special foundation or pit required).
     Carrying capacity: 1 Ton - 50 Ton
     We can design according to customer requirements.

Detailed Picture:

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Mechanical Upenders, Upenders rotate coils in either direction up to a maximum of 90 degrees. Capacities are available up to 10 tons as are a variety of options including motorized horizontal rotation and hydraulic drives. Mechanical upenders are available in standard configurations or may be custom engineered for your particular application. Mechanical upenders have a cylindrical shaped cradle that is placed on four machined rollers. A gear motor driving a single or dual chain sprocket provides the ability to rotate. Available design features for mechanical upenders include: Standard upender designs range from 3ton to 10 ton capacity. Custom designs have capacities up to 20 tons Flat platforms or V-saddles can be included to support coils or cylindrical loads in a horizontal orientation. Special platform sizes and shapes are available. The optional 180-degree base rotation eliminates fork truck repositioning. Pallet centering is available. Gravity and powered conveyors allow integration with the production line.

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Pre-Sales Service
 * Inquiry and consulting support.
 * Customized packaging solutions.
 * View our Factory. After-Sales Service
 * Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine.
 * Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
 * One year warranty and lifetime maintenance
Quality Assurance
We have the quality assurance team who will inspect every Coil Upender before these machines and it's accessories are packed in factory. Not only check with machine functions, accessories and quantity, but also check with it's package and fasten in the container so that goods will reach in the buyer's factory perfectly. Also we audit and control the quality in the each process spot, incoming material sources and the whole production procedures.

 After-Sales Service
 Please contact our After-sales service department in time within 30days after you received the Coil Upenders.
 Please provide the copy of Sales Contract and describe the problems appeared.
 Problems confirmation:
 Slight problem:
 Please send the proof to our After-Sales Department, we will reply within two days.
 Serious problem:
 We will dispatch our Quality and Problems Appraisers to make a confirmation.
 Have a negotiation of the compensation and sign agreements
 Our After-Sales Department will perform the duties as the agreements

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