300kg Lightweight Hanging Handheld Heavy Duty Digital Crane Scale with Printer

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Specification of Crane Scales:
 Intergrated load cell design with light weight aluminum alloy housing. 
 Peak hold, division selection and total functions.
 5-digit 40mm super brightLED display
 Special auto weighing and auto total functions. 
 P: wireless indicator selectable
 OLED dot matrix display makes customized interface on boot-upavailable
 Broad range of working temperature, no delay in displaying weighing
 date under low temperature
 Uniqe frequency sweeping function, supporting fast match and indicator mutual exchanging

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Advantage of Crane Scales:

Using high quality large scale integrated circuit, ensure excellent measurement performance and stability for a long time.
It has accumulated, delete, query, keep, division value switching, unit switch, automatic shutdown, automatic battery monitoring function.


Using wireless crane scales for weighing in foundry provides two benefits:
Increased efficiency and cost reduction
 Improved safety since foundry crane scale help to prevent dangerous overload. 

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 LED or LCD  display
 Die-cast aluminum enclosure
 Alloy steel load receptor
 Heavy duty bow shackle
 Heavy duty eye hook


   1.Zero.Tare. Hold
   2.Battery supervision
   3.Overload alarm/record
   4.Digital calibration
   5.3-point calibration
   6.Unit switch and Resolution switch
   7.Gravity acceleration set

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These Crane Scales are widely used in ports, transportation, metallurgy industry, steel market, building materials market, storage, coal, paper making, mining enterprises and other areas of loading and unloading cargo measurement, process flow measurement, raw materials in and out of measurement and warehouse stock measurement.

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