Remote Controlled Heat-Resistant Hanging Hook Mini Ocs Crane Electronic Digital LCD Luggage Weighing Scale

Keyword:Crane Scales   Time:2019-4-21 14:13:28

Structure features of Crane Scales:
 Integrated pull sensor design ensures weighing accuracy and strength
 Cast aluminum alloy casing to ensure structural strength
 Surface shot blasting paint treatment process, strong corrosion resistance
 Front and rear sealing design to ensure moisture resistance
 Reinforced alloy steel hook assembly to ensure overload performance and safety performance

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Product features of Crane Scales:
Zero, peel, store, accumulate functions
 Index value switching, data retention, power saving mode
 Under-power shutdown, lock weight, preset tare
 Low power design for longer battery life
 Infrared remote control operation

Details of Crane Scales

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