360 Degree Swivel Hanging Digital Ocs 5t Crane Scale Weighing Scale

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 Product description of Crane Scales

 1. High brightness large screen display

Using high brightness luminescent digital display, Red letters are used in relatively low-light environment to make the reading clearer. The reading of green characters is clear in the outdoor,environment with strong light or in the indoor, environment with weak light. You can choose greencharacters according to your own use environment.

 2. Aluminum alloy all-steel shell

 In order to reduce the cost and sacrifice the quality, the imitation scales are remolded and shaped by recycled plastic, with low quality and short service life.

 3. The upper remote control or on the solid

 1-50 tons range is equipped with a remote control, zero, peeling, cumulative, maintain value such as powerful function, all can be remotely operated, also operated directly on the pounds of body, easy to use, simple operation, remote control and pound of body and received signal of 20 meters.

 4. Electric oil charge, more brocade square degree

 Open the back cover plate of the battery compartment by hand, directly remove the battery and charge the battery without transferring the whole weight. Replace the rechargeable battery, and continue to use, flexible design, battery charge, easy to replace.

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Package of Crane Scales

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