Ce Approved Vehicle Hydraulic 2 Post or 4 Post Base Plate Car Lift

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Product Description of Four Post Car Lifts
The automobile lifter is the steam maintenance equipment used in the automobile maintenance industry. The lifting machine plays an important role in automobile maintenance, regardless of vehicle repair, or minor repairs and maintenance, all cannot do without it, and the nature of the product and quality has a direct impact on the safety of maintenance personnel. In different scale maintenance enterprises, whether it is maintenance of various types of integrated repair shop, or a single street shops (such as tire shops), almost all equipped with lifting machine.

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 1. Vertical hydraulic four post car lift can be used to lift cars with different levels, suitable for car moving between stairs, from basement to first floor, to second floor, or to third floor. Operation is easy, and the lifts run very smoothly. There are also explosion-proof lock valve to avoid a sudden drop if emergency occurs.

 2.  The limit switch system helps four post car lift to stop at accurate position.

 3.  The hydraulic cylinders and hose are armed with explosion-proof lock valve to avoid a sudden drop once hydraulic pipe breaks, the work platform will be down slowly to ensure safety of car.

 4.  Emergency button is available on each control box, when emergency occurs, the immediate stop can be realized.

 5.  Control system adopt elevator control system, very convenient and safety

 6.  Custom-made products are done according to detailed request, please tell us load capacity, lift height, and platform size you need, our engineer will design a suitable lift for you soon.

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