3.5t 4.0t 5.0t Mechanical Two Post or Four Post Auto Car Lift

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Product Description of Four Post Car Lifts
 1. Designed based on the international standard, meeting the demand of the garage and workshop.
 2. Driven by hydraulic cylinder in stable lifting and lowering.
 3. Offering full-range mechanical safety protection by using the safety latches.  
 4. Connected by four steel cables; forced synchronized movement of the lift in order to effectively prevent the sloping of the vehicles.
 5. Equipped with rolling jack, turntable and sideslip, suitable for wheel alignment. 
 6. Adjustable distance between runways to accommodate different wheel track.

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Working Principal of of Four Post Car Lifts:
 (1)Put the car on the platform and push button to control up.
 (2)Push the UP button and one touching, then will automatic up and locked in the right position(adjust by limit switch).
 (3)To get the car down: Push the DOWN button and one touching, it will be automatic go up a little bit then make the lock release, then will be gone down.
 Main parts


Checkered Steel Plate reinforced by high strength channel steel. 

Scissor    structure

Manganese steel rectangular tube, I-iron sealed by steel plate steel plate.

Control    apparatus

Brand DEXILI, Siemens or Schneider.

Pump station

Brand Italy Hydrapp or Lisheng.

Hydraulic    cylinder

Both way high precision wear-resisting hydraulic cylinder with locking device for fall protection. ement system.

Hydraulic pipe

High pressure pipe with double expanded metal protected.

Hydraulic oil

32# antiwear hydraulic oil. (according to the local temperature)


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 1.      Luxurious 4 POST profile platform structure with supper synchronization.  

 2.      Level can be well adjusted to meet the need for wheel alignment.

 3.       Device perform stable and reliable work is relayed on imported hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components.

 4.       The pneumatic self-locking system and anti-explosion pipe structure are automatic opening when lowering which ensure the safety of the device.  

 5.       Ingenious and unique sliding system and closed  platform, also don't need ground pits.

 6.      With trolley guide rail and can optional add the second lifting trolley.

 7.      The position of the front wheel turning table (optional part) is adjustable and suitable for various type of automobile.

 8.      With hydraulic lock and mechanical dual-gear safety-claw lock double safety device, automatically open when lowering. By lock operation can has the safety-claw located adversely, safe & reliable

 9.      Model with 3.5T 4T 5T match the wheel alignment


Production Details:

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Main Features

 Name: Electrical release and oil pump
 Original: China
 Oil pump provide Power for this Four post car lift, control box is in charge of the  lift.

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Machine Parts

 Name: Central jack
 Original: China
 This Central jack can increase the lifting height.

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Machine Parts

 Name: ramp
 Original: China
 Those 4 ramps can help your car go ahead easier

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Main Features

 Name: Fixed axis
 Original: China
 Fixed axis make sure the car lift safety through the lifting time.

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 Our Services

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  Pre-Sales Service
 * Inquiry and consulting support.
 * OEM Service.
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  After-Sales Service
 *  Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine.
 *  Engineers available to service machinery remotely.