Four Post Double Car/Vehicle Service Parking Hydraulic Lift

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Product Description of Four Post Car Lifts
Four post car lift is wildly used in the buildings and warehouses, lifting goods or pallets among different vertical floors. According to your demands, you can choose different kinds of lift. It can be installed indoor and outdoor for lifting cargoes applications.
 Please do not be confined to above listed models, as the car lift is customizable in loading capacity and lifting height for your individual requirements. So please inform your specific need.

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 Features of Four Post Car Lifts

 Mechanical process of post orbital at one time, high strength

 Double hydraulic cylinder drive, lifting smoothly

 Double insurance protection device, more safety

 Automatic unlock device

 Chain lifting system

 Balanced system of wire rope, easy to operate and maintain

 Auto stop at certain height

 "All the way" mechanical anti-falling lock for better protection

 Manual control makes operation easier

 Powder coating finish

 Heavy duty capacity

 Easy installation

 Low maintenance

 Laser cutting and robot welding

 Advantages of Four Post Car Lifts

  • Manual machine to unlock, easy and convenient;

  • Adopts the hydraulic lock and the main insurance positioning structure and the rope breaking and insurance mechanism multiple- safety device, safe and reliable; failure, the machine cannot be decreased rapidly;

  • Adopt the hydraulic failure and overload safety valve protection, in the event of rope breaking and insurance mechanism failure, the machine cannot be rapidly decreased;

  • The lengthened double- level rear sliding plate, the position of front wheel turn pate can be adjusted, the secondary lifting trolley's sliding rail, a number of secondary lifting trolleys are optional;

  • The platform's sliding rail, a number of secondary lifting trolley are optional;

  • The inside distance of adjustable lifting platform for different vehicle with different treads;

  • Dynamic test: 115% of the rated capacity. Static test: 150% of the rated capacity;

  • ISO9001,CE certified.

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General Parts:

 1. Master Column

 2. Slave Column

 3. Power Unit

 4. Beam

 5. Ramp

 6. Rear Stopped Plate

 7. Runway

 8.Safety Cover

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Our services:

 (1) All car lifts sold must be tested before delivery, 100% quality.

 (2) 5 years warranty for main structure and 1 years warranty for electrical parts with CE certification.

 (3) 24hours technical support by email, telephone or video online.

 (4) User-friendly English manual for machine using and maintainance.

 (5) Professional 3D drawing can be designed and provided according to customer installation site.