Steel Wire Rope Fall Arrester Protector Blocks Anti-Falling Devices

Keyword:Fall Arresters   Time:2019-4-21 22:03:00

Product Description of Fall Arresters
 - They are meant to be attached to tools for workers that operate tools at heights mostly outdoors.
 - Retractable tool lanyard with stainless steel carabiner attachment on both ends. Locks into place at desired length preventing tangles and work under tension while securing tools.

Name: Tool lanyard holder retractable

Size: Dia.82 x Thickness 30MM


Color: black or white or per requirement

Cable Length:1.25M

Testing standard: Attach 10KG object in 5M height do freefall testing, do 5 times, if each time no broken, that's pass the test.

Destructive testing:Attach 15kg object in 5M height do free-fall testing, 2 times no broken, that is pass the test

Accessory: Metal swivel

Advantage of Fall Arresters:
 1) For this small item spring is the key component, which decides retractable mechanism and life. Our spring processing is more sophisticated than others, put us at great advantage.
 2) We make mostly all components, so we can control qualtiy, costs and leadtime.
 3) Really true manufacturer for various retractable tool lanyard in China, have capacity to customise to accomodate clients products needs.

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