Steel Swivel Hook Wire Cable 20m Retractable Lifeline Fall Arresters made in china

Keyword:Fall Arresters   Time:2019-4-21 22:08:18

Nylon body fall arrester

 1. ISO9001:2008 standard

 2. OEM

 3. GB/T 24538

 4. GB 24543

Feature of fall arrester:

 1. Initiate "double U shape brake tooth" technique, its action is safe and reliable.

 2. Brake system utilizing special material, special fabrication processing, and it is anti corrosive, shockproof and wearproof.

 3. One step shaping nylon body, and it is light, corrosion-resistant, non-disassembling.

 4. Both tips utilizing non-skid hook.

 5. Offer multi-distance action radius, no need to change suspension point in working.

 6. This products can stop dropping automatically within 0.2 meter to make worker safe, when the speed of steel wire rope is more than 1m/sec.

 7. Material: aero-wires, special spliced sling, and it is feature flame retardant, heat resisting, anti corrosive, safe and reliable.

 8. Special appearance, look nice.


Building, rescue, power, telecom, shipbuilding, bridge working, etc


Plastic cover /steel wire rope

Cable length

3 meter or as your request

Structure and Performance feature

1.Dual lock device
2.Inner buffer
3.Galvanized steel, high strength and against corrosion
4. Thermoplastic housing,light weight
5.Provides visual indication of fall arrest
6.Pass CE test


1.Usage period: 3 years but cannot be used once fall happened
2.Check before use each time, keep in dry and avoid the sunlight