10-20m Fall Arrest Wire Retractable Safety Lifeline with En 360 Standard

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Ceiling Mounted Fall Arrest Systems
Capacity: 900 pound maximum arresting force, Anchor Systems for Fall Arrest, These systems are a reliable, cost effective way to reduce the risk of injury in elevated work environments, Standard systems designed to support multiple workers, each weighing up to 310 lbs with tools, We do custom systems, too: Higher capacities, free standing, fold-away, jib, and outdoor systems are all available.
Free Standing Monorail Fall Arrest Systems

Fall arrester device
 1. Fall arrester device, fall arrester, retractable fall arrester is the second protection for people and goods when they are lifted.
 2. Fall arrester device include the fall arrester, fall arrester with webbing strap, climbing fall arrester and fall arrester for heavy goods.
 3. The rope of the fall arrester divided three kind, steel wire rope, Stainless steel wire rope, nylon strap. 
 4. Steel wire rope fall arrester beard high impact force, small in size. Nylon strap fall arrester takes easy, light in weight, and insulation.
 5. Climbing fall arrester used easily and have no height limited.

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