SRL-20 Steel Swivel Hook Wire Cable 20m Retractable Lifeline Fall Arresters

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Product Description
   Aluminum Swivel Hook 10M Self Retractable Lifeline

Item No


Shell Material

Impact-resistant Plastic

Sling Material

Wire Cable or Nylon Sling Available

Swivel Hook Material

Aluminum Alloy

Cable Lengh


Weight (With Wire Rope)



255*206*93mm(10*8.1*3.6-in )

CE Certification

CE0194 EN360




2pcs in 1 Carton

Carton Weight


Retractable Protector Lifting Device Safety Fall Arrester

The Retractable Fall Arrester is designed to restrain the person from vertical falls while allowing them freedom of movement. It also can be called fall arrester. The retracting feature eliminates tripping hazards while the inertia-locking mechanism arrests a fall within inches of activation.

Description of safety falling protector
 A fall arrest system is a personal fall protection system that arrests a free fall and which limits the impact force on the body of the user or goods during fall arrest.
 Store in a cool dry place, far away from chemical, water, direct sun light and sources of heat and vibration. Ensure cable section is completely retracted before storage. This is especially important when retractors are left in place outside as components of a permanent fall protection system.