Crane Lifting Electro Magnet & Lifting Electromagnet & Magnetic Lifter

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Crane Lifting Electro Magnet for Steel Scraps
 Product Description

  • Whole set: Electro-magnet chuck, rectifier, cable drum jigger, cable connector, wireless remote control.

  • Complete close structure: use fully sealed structure, high humidity proof.

  • Great suction, low energy consumption:optimal design by the computer, seasonably structured, light weight, great suction, low energy consumption.

  • Long service life: magnet exciting coil by the special craft processing, improving the electrical performance and mechanical property. Thermal rating of Insulation material reach C grade.

  • Energy efficiency: usually use constant voltage, also choose strong excitation control (DC-290V/220V) and constant current power. It can improve lifting force, save energy and improve economic performance.

  • Easy to install,operate and maintain

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 Excellent performance of lifting electromagnet/ Electric magnet
 1.Special magnetic circuit design. It has large air space and magnetism density.
 2.Fine insulation structure. The insulation treatments adopt the vacuum drying & glue filling, which has improved the electrical and mechanical performance of the coils
 3.The constant control voltage. It can further improve the lifting capacity if changing to adopt the control mode of over excitation.
 4.High temperature type can work in the high temperature. It adopts unique method of heat protection.
 5.Simple and convenient installation, operation and maintenance
 6.Long working life, simple structure.
 7.High Efficiency.
   Normal Temperature type (≤150℃)
   High frequency type (20% higher capacity than normal types)
   High temperature type (≤650℃)
   Battery backup equipment type (with 18 pieces batteries, for safety.)

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