Mini Excavator Attachments Scrap Metal Large Power Lifting Electromagnet/Electric Lifting Magnet

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 Main Features of Electric lifting magnets circular electromagnet for iron plate or sheet iron:
 1,  Using a fully sealed structure, good moisture resistance.
 2,  Optimized by computer design, reasonable structure, light weight, large suction, low energy consumption.
 3.  Excitation coils are treated by a special process to improve the electrical and mechanical properties of the coils. The heat-resistance grade of the insulation material is up to Class C, the overall insulation of the suction cups is H-class and the service life is long.
 4.  The rated electrification continuation rate of ordinary electromagnets has been increased from the previous 50% to 60%, which has increased the use efficiency of electromagnets.
 5.  The high-temperature type electromagnet adopts a unique heat insulation method. The temperature of the sucked object is increased from the previous 600°C to 700°C, which expands the adaptability of the electromagnet.
 6,  Easy installation, operation and maintenance.

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 Complete set of equipment:
 · Lifting electromagnet;
 · Spring type cable reel with Cable;

   Rectifier control cabinet (Normal type, Strong excitation type, Battery back-up type);

· Cable connector / Quick coupling.

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Control cabinet for Electric lifting magnets circular electromagnet for iron plate or sheet iron

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 1.  Choose ambient type when temperature of lifting material less than 100℃. High temperature type when over 100℃, and superhigh type when over 600℃.
 2.  Choose HF type when on-load factor over 60%.
 3.  When working in the water, choose submerged type(depth should less than 100m ).
 4.  Environment temperature: Normal type -5℃~40℃, high-temp type -5℃~50℃. Elevation cannot be over 2000 meters.
 5.  Equipment matching: when using single, choose rectification control equipment and auxiliary equipment according to consumed power. When combination, choose according to the sum of all consumed power.