Rechargeable Circular Round Iron Bar DC Lifting Scrap Magnets

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Product Description
 Electric lifting magnets circular electromagnet for iron plate or sheet iron is a kind of electromagnetism principle. By energizing the inner coil to generate magnetic force, the workpiece touching the surface of the panel is absorbed by the magnetic conductive panel. The principle of demagnetization and the removal of the workpiece is achieved by the power loss of the coil. The production of a machine tool accessory product.


  • Choose ambient type when temperature of lifting material less than 100℃. High temperature type when over 100℃, and superhigh type when over 600℃.

  • Choose HF type when on-load factor over 60%.

  • When working in the water, choose submerged type(depth should less than 100m ).

  • Environment temperature: Normal type -5℃~40℃, high-temp type -5℃~50℃. Elevation can not over 2000 meters.

  • Equipment matching: when using single, choose rectification control equipment and auxiliary equipment according to  consumed power. When combination, choose according to the sum of all consumed power.


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 Machine Parts
 Name: Best price super powerful strong lifting electromagnet
 Original: China
 MW5 Series lifting magnet is suitable for transporting cast ingot, steel ball and various kinds of steel scraps.

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Machine Parts
 Name: Electrical cabinet
 Original: China
 Excellent Electric Performances.
 Excellent Flame Resistance Performance.
 Excellent Mechanical Strength.

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 Machine parts
 Name: Cable reel
 Original: China
 Using spiral springs as power without electric energy consumption to keep reliable in operation
 Using collector slip spring carbon brush bracket to transfer the electric energy steadily and continuously
 Equipped reversible unit to avoid the reel counter-- rotating to springs