Industrial Circular Electromagnet Lift for Iron Plate or Sheet Iron

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Main Features of lifting electromagnets
 1.This series adopts a special design magnetic circuit which has large air space and magnetism density.
 2.This series has fine insulation structure. The insulation treatments adopt the vacuum drying & glue filling, which has improved the electrical and mechanical performance of the coils. The insulation grade can reach class special C.
 3. It generally adopts the control mode of constant voltage. It can further improve the lifting capacity if changing to adopt the control mode of strong excitation.
 4. With simple structure and reliability, it is suitable for working with all kinds of lifting equipments.
 Circle Shape Magnet for lifting steel scrap

Introduction of lifting electromagnets
 The design of the lifting electromagnets has high strength, work in harsh conditions and withstand shocks when falling on the load, shocks of attracting  loads. The body of the electromagnet is steel with ribs and cooling (with rectangular without). Inside the case there is a coil. Below the coil is protected by a non-magnetic plate. The body of the electromagnet provides reliable tightness of the coil and prevents the ingress of moisture. The coil of an electromagnet is made in the form of one or more sections of wire (aluminum or copper) with fiberglass insulation and impregnated with varnish. The voids between the casing and the coil are filled with a special polymer material that provides reliable fixation and protection of the coil. The terminals from the coil are connected to the terminals in a sealed box located on top of the electromagnet. Each magnet is equipped with a triple chain with a common ring, which is put on the crane hook. With a separate order, the magnet can be equipped with a cable drum to eliminate sagging and breaking of the power cable, plug connector, uninterruptible power supply IBPGT-220 100-250A, voltage converter PNTS-220 100-250A (with adjustable magnetization force). 
 Electromagnets can work either individually or in several pieces at a time, mounted on a special magnetic cross bar, which can also be ordered at our factory.

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