Strong Electro Magnetic Metal Scrap Steel Plate Lifting Magnet/Lifter

Keyword:Lifting Electromagnets   Time:2019-4-22 21:59:48

Product  Description of Circular Lifting Magnet

 Circular Lifting Magnet can handle tones of scrap continuously throughout the day. they can lift steel more quickly and conveniently than any other mechanical device. Suitable for transferring cast ingots, steel balls, metal and steel scraps.

 For crane or excavator 1 ton lift electromagnets and magnet

Main Feature of Circular Lifting Magnet

 1) Attractive, small size, light weight, lifting capacity, easy and safe operation.

 2) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization.

 3) Adopt totally sealing structure with good property of moisture-proofing.

 4) Simple and convenient installation, operation and maintenance.

 5) Majorized design by computer with reasonable structure, light dead-weight, strong attraction force.