6000kg Stationary Loading Dock Ramp Adjustable Hydraulic Dock Levelers

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 Main Features
 uAll-hydraulic drive, easy operation
 uLip plate is connected to the ramp with long axis, high-strength and reliable 
 uImported sealing part to guarantee good sealing performance of hydraulic system
 uModular hydraulic station with good sealing quality 
 uHigh strength "U"-shape design to ensure big load capacity without deformation
 uSkirt board is designed to prevent damage of toes
 uSupporting bar is arranged for internal maintenance 

Our ce-certified hydraulic fixed/stationary dock leveler/ramp has been widely accepted and purchased by customers from all over the world. As the professional lift and leveler supplier in China, we can supply customers with all kinds of customized levelers/ramps.

 Suitable for loading and unloading car frequently, different car models of large enterprise, warehouse, station, wharf, warehousing logistics base, postal transportation, logistics distribution etc.

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Our Sevice:
 Pre-Sales Service
 *  Inquiry and consulting support. 
 *  Sample testing support. 
 *  View our Factory.
 After-Sales Service
 *  Control system main board: guaranteed for 3 years
 *  Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

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