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Efficient, safe loading and unloading
 Hydraulic  dock levelers with hinged lip are an optimal solution, which provide the  pick-and-place operation and ensure fast loading and unloading. When activated,  the leveler is lifted and the lip opens while turning. Next, the platform is  lowered until it reaches the floor of the vehicle body. The system is ready for  operation. After the work is completed the leveler is lifted, the lip lowers  and takes a vertical position, and then the platform is returned its original  position. Installation can be carried out by both, embedded and suspended  installing methods.

We  have more than 8 years’ experience of providing products and solutions to  all market sectors including but not limited to: logistics, material handling,  storage, food manufacturing, cold storage, transport, construction, industry  and government.


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Main Features

  1. Lip Thickness:16mm ,  one piece checkered plate, no welding

Top  bearing plate

  1. Thickness: 8mm, one piece checkered plate, no  splicing welding.

Stoving  varnish, bearing for service life time, No rust.

  1. 14 H strut to support the top bearing plate,  no curve, long time service time 

Smooth  transition - Constant-radius rear hinge and an optimized chamfer help provide  the smoothest transitions for your operators, forklifts and products as they  move in and out of a trailer.

  1. Exclusive Safe-T-Strut offers a unique,  through-the-lip design that supports the leveler platform and lip, keeping the  strut in place even when the leveler is raised to the highest position or  impacted by a forklift. Safe-T-Strut also provides lockout/tag out capability.

  2. Opening lip hinge dust cannot deposited there  , no need to clean

Low  operating hydraulic pressure
 The  use of one single chrome hardened main cylinder with double sealing ensures  that the hydraulic system has an extreme low operating pressure. This reduces  failures and increases durability, safety and facility solenoid valve and  explosion relief valve
 prevent  the dock leveler falling down while the forklift is working on it and protect  the cylinder.


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 We  are not only the provider of the dock leveler, but also your reliable partner  who always take care of your concern.
 We  have many professional engineers with rich experience, qualified products,  perfect service system, and successful cooperating history with many famous  companies.
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We  provide 12 month warranty for all product and accessories, and custom made dock  leveler size/color/material.

We  can provide samples to all clients, and make specific design accordingly to  client's requirement.
 We  offer:
 •  Professional CAD Drawings
 •  Stamped Engineered Drawings
 Custom  sizes and colors are also available.
 Custom  designed and built to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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