High Quality Mechanical Stationary Hydraulic Dock Ramp Manual Dock Levelers

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Product description of Hydraulic Stationary Dock Leveler:
 1)The product is controlled based on the imported intelligent technology.
 2)It is powered by DC, can be controlled by manually. It can move automatically and the moving speed is adjustable.
 3)It can climb a gradient very well.
 4)The recharge will restrict the rising of the platform.
 5)The driving motor has the automatic braking function.
 6)The emergent drop will be locked.
 7)The malfunction can be diagnosed automatically and the maintenance is very convenient.

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 Main features of Hydraulic Stationary Dock Leveler:
 1)Adopting entire axis to connect the lip plate to platform, which is high strength and reliable
 2)Imported seals and hydraulic cylinder can ensure the hydraulic system to keep an excellent sealing property
 3)High strength U shape bridge design can ensure longtime high loading without deformation.
 4)The antiskid checkered steel plate design endows the platform with excellent antiskid property.
 5)Equipped with supporting bar can ensure the safety of the maintenance man when he go into the yard ramp.
 6)Electric operation is extremely simple and safe for the operator. when the loose-leaf plate is on the vehicle, just press the button, adjusting plate will automatically rise; loosen the button, adjusting plate will descend by the own weight.

Drawing of Hydraulic Stationary Dock Leveler

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Sales service:
 1-Providing timely delivery, standby engineers are ready to solve any of your problem in time.

2-we provide one year warranty for the steel structure.

3-Providing all-embraced warranty of products quality, worksite installation guidance

4-Providing ample spare parts and training of operation and maintenance

5-Engineers have more than 5 years' experience.

 After sales:
1- One year warranty for whole machines.

2- Providing free quick-wear part.

3- Low charge for continue maintenance when warranty is expired.

4- Exclusive engineer support at any time.

5- We can provide free training to end-users.

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