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  Product Description
 Stationary hydraulic dock ramp, which main role is a bridge between the cargo table and transport vehicles, makes forklift load and unload quickly. One end of the dock ramp is as high as the cargo table; the other side is on the rear edge of vehicle. it can automatically adjust height according to different car models and wagon box change in the process of loading and unloading.

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Component advantages
 Lift panel
 We are a versatile board surface (non-welding),  which guarantees the firmness and torsion resistance of the board surface, stable operation when loading and unloading goods, and high safety performance.
 Smooth transition
 When the loading and unloading platform is opened, it can smoothly transition, and the service life of the mouth plate is guaranteed. On the other hand, the health of the staff who drives the forklift is guaranteed.
 Lacquer is a kind of process
  It is used to make three times of primer and  four times of topcoat on the substrate (wood, pvc material, steel, etc.). Each time it is painted, it is sent to a dust-free constant temperature baking room and dried. 
 Characteristics of the baking process:
 Bright colors: multi-color, no lag, not easy to fade, personalized, can be arbitrarily matched with the floor tile brick furniture fabric
 Scrub resistance: the surface is fine, not stained, easy (resistance) scrub
 Repairability: If the traditional paint surface is damaged, the surrounding paint surface will fall off, there must be spots on the paint.
 Can be decorated with new: the product can be polished for more than two years, after processing, the product is basically the same as the new product, no sense of obsolescence
 Convenient maintenance: usually dry cloth (towels, sweatshirts and the like) try to rub, if there is greasy, "Bi Lizhu furniture care spray wax" a small amount of spray,
 After a while, it is dry and shiny as new

Our Services
 1. One year warranty for whole Stationary hydraulic dock ramp.(Five years for steel structure)
 2. Providing free quick-wear part.
 3. Low charge for continue maintenance when warranty is expired.
 4. Exclusive engineer support at any time.
 5. We can provide free training to end-users.

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