3.5 Times Safety Factors Flat Permanent Magnetic Plate Lifter

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Product Description
 660LBS 300KG PML Type Permanent Magnetic Lifter
 Magnetic lifter is a quick, safe and easy way to lift ferrous materials and work pieces. These magnetic lifters use high grade Magnets for producing strong magnetic  flux path through bottom. The magnetic lifter is placed on the MS flat/block that is to be lifted. The turn of the handle in its ON position with MS flat/block/cylinders (to be lifted) at the bottom ensures completion of magnetic flux path through the MS body. The MS body gets attached to the lifter. The turn of the handle in its OFF position detaches the MS body from the magnetic lifter.
 The Application of Magnetic Lifter:
 For handling of steel plates, blocks, rounds, press moulds and loading/unloading on machines
 Commonly used near flame cutting.
 Very handy during fabrication.
 Can handle finished components without leaving behind any scratch marks, unlike binding and slinging.
 Can be used with spreader beam hanging multiple magnets for long plates/pipes/bars.
 Can be used with mobile cranes.

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