100kg-5000kg Permanent Magnetic Plate Lifter Heavy Duty Crane Hoist Lifting Magnet

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Product Description
 Permanent Magnetic Lifter
 A permanent magnetic lifter is a tool to lift heavy stuff without electricity. The magnetic force can be controlled by rotating the handle. With more than 20 years experience in designing the magnetic lifter, we can offer many different kinds of lifters based on customer's requirement. One sample series can be seen in the table below. For more details, feel free to contact us. 
 Main Features
 1)Compact and lightweight.
 2)Suitable for Flat and round material.
 3)Very High Lift to its weight ratio.
 4)Quick & Easy Operation with ON/OFF System.
 5)Neodymium Magnetic Powered System.
 6)Improves Plant Safety No direct contact with men.
 7)Large and Heavy work piece can be moved/handled safely easily by only one operator.

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 Detailed Images
 Operation Chart & Testing Devices
 There are some pictures of operation details and testing devices.

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Permanent Magnetic Lifter1-5.jpg

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