Heavy Duty 100 400 600 1000 2000 3000 Kg Permanent Magnetic Lifter

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Product Description

Product Name

5000kg Permanent Magnetic Lifter/NdFeB magnet Lifter/magnetic plate lifter

Main Material

Neodymium Magnet



Rated Lifting Strength 

600 kgf

Cylindrical Lifting Strength 

300 kgf

Max.Pull-Off Strength 

2100 kgf

Safety Index

3.5 times


 Industry machinery

 Permanent-Magnetic Lifter Series PML is made of high-energy magnetic material adopting scientific magnet circuit theory featuring huge attraction force, compact, light dead-weight and convenient and safe for operation.
 It is an ideal energy-economizing lifer and is more convenient than the electromagnet lifter to transfer the normal temperature steel plates in ship-making industry, engineering mechanical industry, automobile industry and so on.
 Permanent Magnetic Lifter Series PML is used for manually handling small plates materials and round pieces.