600kg Manual Permanent Magnetic Lifter with 3times Safety Factor

Keyword:Permanent Magnetic Lifters   Time:2019-4-24 0:44:51

Product Description
 Permanent manual lifter /2000kg hand magnetic lifter

  • Permanent magnetic lifer is made of high performance material ndfeb (Nd - Fe - B) as product kernel .Smaller product volume, stronger hoisting, permanent magnetism.

  • Advanced balanced magnetic circuit design, large suction, almost no remanence magnetism, safety.

  • Max. pulling-out force can reach 3.5times of rated lifting capacity. High safety factor.

  • High property ND-Fe-B material, no demagnetization.

  • Compact structure easy to operate.

  • Work without powder.

Features :
 1.  Powered by strong NdFeB magnets.
 2.  Holding or releasing work piece can be done easily by Handle switch, the lifter greatly improve efficiency.
 3.  3.5 times load factor of safety, it can lift objects even there is big air gap with work piece.
 4.  MAX working temp 80°

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