1 2 3 4 Ton Powerful Permanent Magnetic Sheet Lifting Device

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1000kg permanent magnetic lifter / heavy duty magnet lifter
Product Description

Product name

1000kg permanent magnetic lifter /heavy duty magnet lifter



Range of capacities

300 to 6000kg


More effective and larborsaving for steel board

Delivery time


Manual Magnetic Lifter:

 • Use to lift and transport steel and iron for factories, docks, warehouses, transportation and more.

 • Turning the manual handle activates or turns off the magnet.

 • Strong attraction gives this tool a powerful lifting ability while it's small size and light weight makes it easy and safe to operate. Effective for long periods with no need for a power supply.

 • The safe coefficient of magnet lifter is 3.5.

  Quality assurance

 1. Magnet: four year warranty under normal usage.(magnetism will loss or even disappear under more than 70℃ and severe crash)

 2. Other parts: four year warranty under normal usage

 3. It is packed in wooden box package.