100kg-6000kg Strong Pull Force NdFeB Permanent Magnet Manual Crane Lifter

Keyword:Permanent Magnetic Lifters   Time:2019-4-24 0:56:39

Product Description
 The characteristics of the permanent magnetic lifter is simple and convenient, legerity, strong, permanent energy and reliable. No matter in the heavy industry or the light industry, the permanent magnetic lifter is always the equipment that can't be lacked. They are simple and safe in use
 The main uses and characteristics
 1.Widely used on shipbuilding, engineering machinery, mould producing industry
 2.Automatic pull or push, no one operation can be realized
 3.Do without electricity, can be replaced electromagnet, more safety while working
 4.Using high-performance permanent magnetic materials, strong in magnetic suction
 5.Patent circuit design, Remanence almost zero
 6.Single use, can also be a number of combinations. Significantly increase productivity
 The main structure and parameters

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