1000kg Hand Permanent Magnetic Lifter for Lifting Steel Plate

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2 times safety factor scrap metal lifter 2000KG permanent magnetic lifter
 Product Description
 The permanent magnetic lifters are mainly used for lifting the steel plate and round steel, because of the light weight, ease of operation and powerful suction, magnetic lifters are widely applied in ship engineering, warehouse, transportation and machinery manufacturing.
 1.This magnetic lifter can be used single or combined with other machines to move magnetic iron steels.
 2.The maximum pull-off force as 3 times as rated lifting force safe and  reliable, easy to operate,
 3.This magnetic lifter requires no electricity.
 4.This magnetic lifter can loading and unloading workpiece perfectly.
 5.This magnetic lifter eliminates the need for dangerous straps and slings.
 Our Services
 1.Offer sample and trial order is ok.
 2.We offer free hotel and free car if customers visit our factory.
 3.We offer 3% discount for new customers in first order.
 4.We offer quality assurance contract.
 5.We offer confidentiality agreement "business secret contract" for your design safe.
 6.Alibaba offer trade assurance policy.
 7.We offer factory test and inspection report.
 8.The third part inspection is ok.

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