Lifting Magnet 3000kg Heavy Duty Steel Permanent Magnetic Lifter for Lifting Various Magnetic Materials

Keyword:Permanent Magnetic Lifters   Time:2019-4-24 1:09:51

Product Description
 In this permanent magnetic lifter, there is a magnetic system formed by NdFeB magnetic materials with strong magnetism. It can control magnetic switch by rotating the handle. It has the characteristics of using no electricity, small volume, light weight, great holding force, easy and safe operation, constant magnetic.
 According to the different requirements of customers, we have designed and produce multiple series of lifters.

Why PML's Permanent Magnetic Lifters?

  • These magnetic Lifters are ruggedly built

  • High Lifting Capacity with respect to size & weight

  • Works without Electrical Power

  • No maintenance and operational costs

  • Made with high energy rare earth magnets (NdFeB)

  • Mechanical Switching by turning a lever with a lock

  • System against switching off accidentally

  • No damage to the work piece being lifted

  • Easily transportable


Portable crane magnetic lifter 500kg 1ton 2 ton Lifting permanent magnet

Safety    Factor

3.5 times





Packing    Size






Delivery    Time

7 days for 10pcs


TT  or LC

FOB    Tianjin Port Price

$100/pc(Different quantity different price, please consult our service)