Railways Electric Powered Steel Billet Beverge Pallet Transfer Cart

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 Working principle:
 This kind of Rail Transfer Heavy Load Mover is powered by battery in the cart. DC motor and gear reducer are controlled by DC control system to drive wheels and make the transport carriage start, stop, go forward and backward, speed up and slow down and so on. kpx flat carts can be used both on the S" and arc-shaped railways.
 The Rail Transfer cart is suitable for various industries, steel mill, transfer steel products such as steel structure, steel pipe, steel billets, steel ladle and coil, etc from one location to another; Paper roll plant: transfer paper coil Painting shops: transfer work piece into the painting room Sand blasting room Other industries: shipbuilding, quarries, warehouses and multi-bay workshops, etc


Details showing of steel tube handling custom rail transfer carts

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Cart Frame
 The cart frame is two longitudinal beam, several beams with steel panel welded together, which adopts box beam structure according to the crane principle and combined with the design of the cart. Its main feather: large load bearing, little table deformation, long service lifetime.

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 Cast Steel Wheel
 About the cart wheel, it is single rim of corner case, the material is ZG55, or can be customized as per your demand. It can improve the load capacity and install easily. And the wheels are manufactured and assembled by ourselves. 

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 About the battery, the maintenance free type battery also is chosen to export. These kinds are convenient, and long lifetime, we needn't maintain once a regular time, so in this series flat cart,  it is popular among customers. Generally speaking, the charging time is about 8 hours.

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 Intelligent Charger
 Generally speaking, the intelligent charger is chosen to export, it has high frequency, little interference to the grid, and small volume. The charger can not only realize rapid charging, but also no damage to the battery, and prolong battery lifetime.

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 Lifting Hole
 The lifting holes are installed on the flat cart for convenient transporting. Especially, it can be lifted and moved after the structure finished. Wha's more, it makes the appearance more delicate and beautiful.

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 Sound & light alarm
 For safe running, it is installed on the cart, it will ring continuously to warn someone when the cart start running. Of course, the other parts can be installed, as dead man stop, emergency stop, anti-colliding switch, buffer... all can be meet only you'd like by our professional team.

Advantage Showing of battery operated heavy duty die railway transfer cart
 The kind of transfer cart is with high level automation
 Excellent gear reducer and motor with high quality, assembled together perfectly
 Safe devices are installed in the transfer cart
 The turning can be realized for this kind of transfer cart, as "s", arc-shaped ", "curved rail"
 Customization can be supported for the transfer cart
 The kind of transfer cart is with large capacity and high quality
 The kind of transfer cart can be applied in various occasions as high temperature, easy explosion, ponding, dust, scrap iron.
 The hydraulic lifting device can be equipped as per customers' demand
 The V frame can be installed for rounded material as per your need
 DC motor controlled, the speed can be adjusted.
 Safety, flexibility, stable start, big starting torque, small capacity to the gear reducer
 Long service lifetime for this kind of transfer cart The running distance of this kinds transfer cart is not limited.
 This kinds of transfer cart is battery powered, so only charged fully, can it run freely without limited distance.

Our Service:

  • Our commitment:

  • The load bearing safety factor of the Handling Vehicle is no less than 120%;

  • Freely design the auxiliary device or foundation drawing, and offer the technical service and drawing material;

  • 16 hours engineering service and 24 hours internet service for our customers;

  • During the warranty period, if our Coil transfer cart can't work normally, we can support you repair technology or replace relevant parts for you within 48 hours;

  • Solving the quality problem within 24 hours, serious attitude from beginning to end. Value the reputation and Preserve the image of our company;

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