10ton Railway Electric Flat Car Coil Transfer Cart

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 Product Introduction:
 Electric transfer cart is a kind of transport equipment for loading cargo, which can run both straightly and curvilinear along the track. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and large carrying capacity. It is widely applied for machinery manufacturing, metallurgy and warehouse to frequently transport or cooperate with cranes to transfer goods.

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 1. Sound and light alarm lamp
 2. Stop automatically when pedestrian or obstacle is detected.
 3. Emergency stop button
 4. Limit switches and buffers on both sides.
 5. The structural parts are made of Q235B rolled steel plate, 1.5 times load design and 1.25 times load test.
 6. With conventional electrical protection: over current, over voltage, under voltage, short circuit, overheating, grounding, leakage and other protective devices.
 7. Optional wireless remote control operation

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 Track transfer cart can be divided into four types according to the power drive method:

  • Battery powered transfer cart: Suitable for long distance transportation and the frequency of use which is not high.

  • Cable power supply Transfer Cart: Cable power supply Transfer Cart Short distance frequent transportation, strong environmental adaptation.

  • Track power supply transfer cart: Unlimited distance, frequent work occasions.

Detailed images:

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 Geared motor: start steady, big driving torque, low voltage, long life, small size and  light weight

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 Special gear for transfer car: high transmission efficiency, stable operation, low noise, easy installation and maintenance

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 Control box
 Convenient operating handle and remote control; with emergency stop, to ensure the operator's safe

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 Large-tonnage transfer cars adopt corner box wheels. LD wheels for loading less than 30t

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 Alarm Light High luminous efficiency, long life, energy saving and environment protection; strong sound penetrability, raise worker's vigilance

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 Crash Pad
 Using of rubber, mechanical friction and spring bumper to reduce the impact under critical situation and avoid cars' damage

 Showing of workshop railway cart, This series' workshop railway cart is suitable for the environment of short running distance, high frequency, and cart's height. For the condition of short running distance and lower speed, the chain can be used to reduce the abrasion of the cable. For material handling,the workshop railway cart has a hot market with cheap price. The proper solution will be provided once getting for your inquiry. Hope our professional team can help you well.

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